Wholesale LED Lights – How to Buy and What to Know CHITERION top 10 suppliers in china

Wholesale LED Lights – How to Buy and What to Know CHITERION top 10 suppliers in china

1. What Are Wholesale LED Lights?


It is easy for anyone to walk into a convenience store and purchase a single LED light. Purchasing single unit lamps is a simple task that can as well be done online. Online purchase of lighting fixtures is usually cheaper and also more convenient as compared to walking into a store. The convenience is only applicable when purchasing single units. In other words, more planning and considerations is required when acquiring huge volumes of lighting fixtures, like a hundred or a thousand. No one in their right mind would walk into Walmart, on any other retail store for that matter, to purchase such quantities of light bulb considering the cost implications. The best way to go about such purchases is buying bulk from either directly from the a wholesale distributor.



LED light manufacturers produce huge quantities of products which they must sell consistently to be profitable. If you have volume needs its best to purchase LED lights in wholesale, given the benefits of price and sometimes control.   One of the best things about wholesale LED lights is that it reduces the overall cost of acquiring the desired products, saving you money but it might also allow you to be sure of what’s inside your lights.


2. What Do I Need to Have to Be Eligible?


There are currently no legislations or regulations governing the bulk purchase of LED lights. This means anyone can purchase LED lighting fixtures in bulk, even if they are for personal use. However, this changes for individuals anticipating a business relationship with the supplier or manufacturer. Manufacturers have their own set of conditions you must meet to start getting their products wholesale.   Better manufacturers only deal with big commercial light distributors for fear of losing their current customers.    This is why its often best to through a wholesale distributor as buying direct is usually a tier 2 or 3 factory with lower quality.



3. Where To Buy Wholesale Lights


When buying LED light fixtures, there are always two ways to go about it. As mentioned above, you can purchase directly from the manufacturer or opt for a distributor. It is important to keep in mind your budget before determining the manufacturer to purchase from. The reputation of the manufacturer is another crucial factor to consider. The same concept applies when choosing a distributor or wholesaler. It is important to do a background check on a wholesaler before opting to purchase from them. Doing so ensures that you find yourself a reputable manufacturer or distributor.


Buyers are also expected to determine whether to get wholesale LED lights online or offline. Many people nowadays prefer online purchases. This preference is highly attributed to the convenience it brings. However, buyers must always remain vigilant when buying LED lights online. Irrespective of your desired option as a buyer, you must do your due diligence to protect yourself from exploitation, given the ever-increasing population of scammers in the lighting industry.

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    Types of LED Lighting Suppliers
    The term LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode, a light source that generates photons from the movement of electrons that recombine with electron holes when an electrical current is passed through through a semiconductor material that contains a specific type of p-n junction.
    In this article, we have summarized and characterized the suppliers of LED lighting technology in two distinct sets of companies. The first group represents manufacturers of LED chips, the semiconductor devices themselves. The second group represents manufacturers of packaging, which is defined here to be the housings or other assemblies which hold the semiconductor LEDs, provide associated electrical input wiring or harnesses, and include any needed mounting connections. Lastly, the article includes summaries of LED Lighting manufacturers who sell finished lighting units either wholesale or retails to businesses or consumers.
    LED Chip Manufacturers, USA and Global
    These global companies manufacture LED chips that enable control of LED lighting. Current flows through the chip, emitting light. The chips can be bonded directly to the substrate within the LED bulb so that the bulb is referred to as a chip-on-board (COB) LED. LED chips enable the management of luminosity, brightness, color, and lifetime for applications on roadways, parking areas, and indoors.
    LED Package Manufacturers
    These companies manufacture LED packages. LED packages are assemblies that house the LED chip. The LED packages protect the LED chip and the welded lead wires from direct contact with the environment. They secure and encapsulate the chip with LED phosphors and epoxy silicone resin, and allow for versatility and standardization in LED lighting applications. Packages include F5 lamps used in indoor applications, surface mount devices (SMDs) that are typically used in displays, high power LEDs used in spot lighting, and COB LEDs for outdoor lighting.
    Above we’ve provided information on suppliers of LED Lighting products, which included the top LED chip suppliers, LED package suppliers, and general LED Lighting manufacturers. We hope this information has been useful to you in your supplier search. For more details on many of these companies or to compile lists with your own specifications, visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform, where there are nearly 400 North American suppliers of LEDs and other related LED lighting products.

    May 14, 2023 at 2:55 am

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