Yu Jie Ni The Best LED Stage Flood Light in 2023 – SE.Lighting

Yu Jie Ni The Best LED Stage Flood Light in 2023 – SE.Lighting

LED Stage Flood Lights

So what is LED stage flood light?

  • Based on the traditional LED flood lights, we have integrated the brilliant colors of LED stage lights to make up for the single color of LED flood lights. Our LED stage flood lights use the industry’s advanced DMX512 and RF The remote control technology makes it have the two characteristics of stage lights and flood lights, and has wider uses. This is an innovation in the LED lighting industry, and it is also an innovation of SE.Lighting’s own products.
  • Our LED stage flood light can be manufactured from 100W to 500W, especially 500W. High power is our advantage, it requires special technology.

Features of LED stage flood light:

Our LED Stage Flood Lights Type
  • In terms of light color, our LED stage flood light provides four models to choose from, namely CCT type, RGB type, RGBW type, RGB+CCT type, these four models represent different light colors, among which RGB+CCT type color Especially rich.
  • In terms of control methods, our LED stage flood lights have three control methods to choose from:
LED Stage Flood Lights Control Methods
  • The first one is the main control panel control of DMX touch. Users only need to tap lightly on the control panel with their fingers to realize different lighting modes and changing effects, and they can also control multiple units in groups.
  • The second is 2.4G wireless remote control control, just like TV remote control, by pressing the remote control button to achieve different lighting modes and changing effects, within 30 meters to achieve unlimited connection mode synchronous unified control, and can be divided into 4 groups to control each group Lighting modes and changing effects.
LED stage flood light the control distance is limitless
Notes: As long as distance of the adjacent lamps is within 30m, the control distance is limitless.
LED stage flood light RF In Group
  • The third is DMX wireless connection. Through the DMX512 signal antenna, it can be connected to the stage lighting console to realize different lighting modes and changing effects. The signal transmission distance can reach 500 meters, and the DMX wireless network can reach 7 groups.
LED stage flood light DMX Wireless In Group
  • In terms of connecting wires, our LED stage flood lights use quick-connect terminals, which have two types of 3-core and 5-core, plus one type of conventional outlet, and a variety of connection methods to choose from, especially the quick-connect terminals, plug and play, user-friendly It is more convenient and quick to install and use.
  • In terms of luminous angle, our LED stage lights provide users with a variety of luminous angles: 20°/30°/60°/90°/120°The smaller the luminous angle, the more concentrated the beam and the farther the irradiation distance.
LED Stage Flood Light Beam Angle Options
  • In terms of LED light sources, our LED stage lights use Lumileds 3030SMD light source, which has low light decay, high light efficiency, stable light color, no glare, and is more conducive to visual health.
  • In terms of structure, our LED stage lights adopt aluminum alloy die-casting shell, which has good strength and good heat dissipation quality. Anti-corrosion and painted surface, IP65 waterproof, so you can install them safely in the garden, backyard, poolside or other outdoor places.
  • In terms of quality and service, our LED stage lights have passed the industry CE/ROHS authoritative certification, reliable quality, 5-year warranty and provide high-quality after-sales service to solve users’ worries.

Where are LED Stage Flood Lights used?

  • Our LED stage flood lights are suitable for various stages, including concerts, stadiums, bars, DJs and discos, theaters, music festivals and carnivals. Stage lighting for live music, DJ, weddings, theaters, trade shows, corporate events, churches, can also be used for architecture, landscape lighting, a variety of application scenarios, only you can’t think of.
LED Stage Flood Lights Application

Professional LED stage flood light production line

  • We have a professional LED stage flood light production line, SE.Lighting’s management and operation strictly follow the ISO9001:2015 standard, and strictly control every production process to ensure the quality of the products.
Professional LED stage flood light production line

LED stage flood light Aging Test

  • Each of our LED stage flood lights must undergo an aging test before leaving the factory. After an 8-hour aging test, the product can only be shipped after confirming that there is no problem with the product.
LED stage flood light Aging Test
LED stage flood lights Aging Test
At last

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