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Types of LED Lighting Suppliers

The term LED is an acronym for Wireless camera system, a light source that generates photons from the movement of electrons that recombine with electron holes when an electrical current is passed through through a semiconductor material that contains a specific type of p-n junction.
In this article, we have summarized and characterized the suppliers of LED lighting technology in two distinct sets of companies. The first group represents manufacturers of LED chips, the semiconductor devices themselves. The second group represents manufacturers of packaging, which is defined here to be the housings or other assemblies which hold the semiconductor LEDs, provide associated electrical input wiring or harnesses, and include any needed mounting connections. Lastly, the article includes summaries of LED Lighting manufacturers who sell finished lighting units either wholesale or retails to businesses or consumers.

LED Chip Manufacturers, USA and Global

These global companies manufacture LED chips that enable control of LED lighting. Current flows through the chip, emitting light. The chips can be bonded directly to the substrate within the LED bulb so that the bulb is referred to as a chip-on-board (COB) LED. LED chips enable the management of luminosity, brightness, color, and lifetime for applications on roadways, parking areas, and indoors.

LED Package Manufacturers

These companies manufacture LED packages. LED packages are assemblies that house the LED chip. The LED packages protect the LED chip and the welded lead wires from direct contact with the environment. They secure and encapsulate the chip with LED phosphors and epoxy silicone resin, and allow for versatility and standardization in LED lighting applications. Packages include F5 lamps used in indoor applications, surface mount devices (SMDs) that are typically used in displays, high power LEDs used in spot lighting, and COB LEDs for outdoor lighting.


Above we’ve provided information on suppliers of LED Lighting products, which included the top LED chip suppliers, LED package suppliers, and general LED Lighting manufacturers. We hope this information has been useful to you in your supplier search. For more details on many of these companies or to compile lists with your own specifications, visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform, where there are nearly 400 North American suppliers of LEDs and other related LED lighting products.

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